Comments in the BMJ by Dr. Yazbak

Comments in the BMJ by Dr. Yazbak, January 1, 2005

I am a pediatrician trained in infectious diseases and I have witnessed first hand what regressive autism is all about. I have also researched its incidence and its autoimmune causes. I have no doubt that the Wakefield hypothesis will stand.

My oldest grandson was totally normal from birth until he had his first well-documented regression after his initial MMR vaccination. He improved for a while and then had a second and more severe regression at age 4 after his MMR booster. This sequence of events known as Challenge- Dechallenge-Rechallenge (CDR) was documented by private physicians, close relatives in the medical profession and photographs. U.S. Courts and a special committee of the Institute of Medicine have acknowledged that CDR proves causation.

In addition, my grandson has typical findings of Wakefield Autistic Enterocolitis, and the specific urinary polypeptides pattern described by Shattock. Although he was never exposed to measles, he has documented evidence of measles virus genomic RNA in his gut wall in addition to elevated serum titers of measles virus antibodies.

There are now hundreds of other children with similar histories and findings, not just twelve anymore. The genetically predisposed children in this subgroup seem to lack the ability to detoxify the mercury in the vaccines they received in the first year of life and have usually succumbed after receiving the combination of the three live viruses in the MMR, often simultaneously administered with several other vaccines.

I have always been and remain pro-judicious vaccination.

I have read all the epidemiological studies denying an MMR-autism connection and found substantial errors in every one of them.

I believe that a vaccine-autism connection exists and I am scientifically- not emotionally- convinced that MMR vaccination can trigger an autistic regression in certain children.

To date, I have not seen a single unbiased reliable clinical study to convince me otherwise.

To prove me wrong, Dr. Berger or any one else only need to show me:

ONE normal child who has evidence of both MMR antibody and Myelin Basic Protein auto-antibodies in his serum or his CSF


ONE child who regressed after MMR vaccination and who does not have one of the following: The gut findings described by Wakefield, a suggestive pattern of urinary polypeptides, elevated serum measles virus antibody, MMR antibody or Myelin Basic Protein auto-antibodies

The prevalence of autistic disorders in the United States is now 1 in 166, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

As the New Year dawns and resolutions are made, I sincerely hope that people of good will are able to join together and support solid unbiased clinical studies aimed at unraveling the mystery of regressive autism.

Whatever its causes, this epidemic must be stopped.

The distinguished Editorial Board of the BMJ should lead the way and support such research.

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