Ethyl Mercury in vaccines: Was Hilleman right? 


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  1. Posted by john fryer on February 22, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    The toxicity of mercury in vaccines has been known from the very first time it was used almost 80 years ago.

    When given to adults or even healthy, fit and strong young boys and girls there is the argument that it definitely doesnt kill them or change their brains for the worse.

    Over time and with complacency this toxic substance added to vaccines became more and more used, more times and at ever earlier ages for children.

    By 1991 it was being used on the very first day of birth in USA.

    Whether it contributes to sudden infant death, the blowing up of childrens heads or even autism amongst many other possible clinical outcomes is a subject of fierce debate and many research reports, reviews of both good and bad levels of expertise according to which side of the argument you support.

    The argument over the health consequences of a world that pollutes the seas with mercury waste is a sideshow.

    All forms of mercury contact with humans are now known to be adverse. And all forms of mercury contact with the environment are also bad. The contribution from nature is from one or two volcanoes for one or two years. The contribution from man is huge and increased in the past fifty years with today some puny efforts to control this.

    The current and expanding use of mercury lights, the increasing crematoria built in remote locations and the reduced but continued use (greater in total though?) shows a world still not concerned with more than just handling the mercury issue.

    The toxicity of all mercury moities is well known and undebatable. For large sums of money we sadly see expert chemists rewriting their lifes work on mercury and its harm to mankind. Those people know who they are and I hope they will leave in their wills how they sold out to the chemical moneys to feather bed their retreats.

    Mercury is responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer contrary to most reports on this issue. Mercury can destroy a tidy 200 000 ozone molecules per second – a fact conveniently ignored in the same way its toxicty to one day infants for 8 years was also ignored when some mad chemist told the vaccine makers et al that they MUST not put mercury in their vaccines.

    Go back to your mad chemist they said (1999) and tell him:



    In 2013 we now see mercury is an ESSENTIAL part of approximately half of our vaccines and most of those not using LIVE organisms for their efficicacy (as mercury would KILL them!)

    The debate on mercury will never be over until we see SENSE, COMMON SENSE and GOOD SENSE for all those injected now with a MUTAGEN, CARCINOGEN and TERATOGEN almost by ORDER.


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